Risk Management Services

Building businesses through better insurance

At Worthy, what sets us apart is how we get to know your business, inside and out. We examine your business, assess your needs, and determine exactly which plans will best cover your business—now and in the future. This hands-on approach to insurance produces the best solutions for your business needs.

Risk Management

While all insurance is considered a form of risk management, we want to take your third-party claims prevention to the next level. Worthy Insurance is proud to offer additional risk management services to you at no additional cost.

Our risk management department uses the most up-to-date insurance tools that enable:

  • Insurance certificate tracking
  • Overseeing claims management
  • Providing creative loss control recommendations
  • Ensuring vendor compliance

Compliance Department

Our compliance program is here to serve your business needs, helping you save time and money. The Worthy compliance department takes care of the nitty gritty so you can focus on meeting your client needs and growing your business.

Our automated system:

  • Reaches out to vendors
  • Reviews for compliance and notifies vendors of any compliance issues
  • Files your insurance certificates and keeps them readily available for submission

Risk Control

Loss control is a complex system of many moving parts; you need an expert to guide you through the process. Worthy’s risk control department works to identify a business’s exposure to risks and finds creative ways to prevent those exposures through well-crafted insurance coverage.

We do this by:

  • Conducting onsite visits 
  • Reviewing claims experience to identify patterns and problems 
  • Constructing solutions to prevent those claims from occurring
  • Working with businesses to successfully implement those solutions

Claims Management

When you need help, we’re there to provide it.

If you or your company experiences a loss, Worthy’s claims management team will:

  • Upon being advised of a claim, reach out to the carrier on your behalf to report the claim 
  • Follow up when necessary to ensure the carrier is providing you with high-quality, expedient service 
  • Provide monthly loss runs to ensure that your records are always up to date and complete