Requesting Bonds


Bonds are put into place in order to secure the completion of obligations. They are oftentimes required by state laws and statutes, and guarantee some details of a principal’s profession. A notary public bond, for example, protects the notary against losses that result from misuse or abuse of the rights given to them. 


Types of Bonds:

  • Bid Bond
  • Surety Bond
  • Notary Bond
  • Liquor Bond
  • Payment Bond
  • Public Official Bond
  • Fidelity Bonds (ERISA)
  • Fiduciary Bond
  • Performance Bond
  • Financial Institution Bonds
    1. Stockbrokers, Investment Bankers (FI 14 Bond)
    2. Finance Company (FI 15 Bond)
    3. Banks and Lending Services (FI 24 Bond)

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